• March, 13, 2020

    Time to move from donor-centric to entrepreneur-centric ecosystems

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    Catalyzing Private Sector Participation in FSSM in India

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  • December, 14, 2019

    Turning India into the Hotbed for Action around Circular Fashion: Indian Textile & Apparel Pioneers Align Behind a Common Vision at 1st Circular Apparel & Textile Conclave

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    Join India’s first industry platform for circular apparel professionals and enablers

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    Why this year’s Lakme Fashion Week marks a milestone in the journey towards a sustainable & circular textile and apparel industry in India

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    Why Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace Storytelling

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    4 Reports That Show How SDG 5 Can Become a Reality

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    Ethiopia: Africa’s Juggernaut Economy

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  • February, 25, 2019

    We are replicating inclusive businesses at the Sankalp Africa Summit in Kenya!

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  • February, 15, 2018

    The End of a Debate? India Highlights the Dominance of For-Profit Capital in Impact Investing

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