• Today, solutions exist to solve some of the most complex challenges we face. But these solutions never reach the 'last mile' to enable real transformation within society. Intellecap leverages its deep domain knowledge of emerging markets and their people to support diverse stakeholder groups and the industry at large to accelerate the market penetration of solutions for long-term, positive, and sustained impact.

  • Financial Services

    We work with financial institutions, innovators, regulators and the public sector to enable increased financial inclusion through product...

  • Agriculture

    More than 80% of all farmers are smallholders with less than 2 hectares of underproductive land. Our work focuses on increasing their income, transforming their lives and improving their social mobility

  • Health & WASH

    There exist large disparities in accessing quality and affordable care among low income populations. Our work focuses on making healthcare accessible and affordable for these communities to decrease growing vulnerabilities among

  • Energy & Climate Solutions

    Today, only 20% of the global population has access to a modern energy supply. Our work is focused on introducing and scaling sustainable energy solutions and practices...

  • Gender & Livelihoods

    The key to socio-economic development in emerging economies is to empower the women and youth of the country. Our work is focused on skilling youth, women, creating job opportunities, and seeding sustainable enterprises for them


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