The Future of Work(ers)

Intellecap is proud to launch its ‘Future Of Work(ers) : A Way Forward’ Report, that brings to light its extensive research findings during the course of the pandemic to understand the aspirations, needs & challenges of the labor market in India.

The research included voices from the ground (over 750 existing and incoming workforce members and nearly 150 MSME employers) across 5 States of India; representing different contexts across geographic, socio-economic and cultural parameters of the respondents.

By evaluating the 3 key constituents in this ecosystem – incoming workforce/ youth, existing workforce and employers in the industry, Intellecap was able to build a roadmap that charts out the essential resources to improve the overall quality of the workforce, enable better market linkages, and support enterprises to raise the overall standard of living for their employees.

These measures are imperative to shape a more inclusive future of work(ers) in India.

We’ve distilled all our Report insights into an extremely detailed and easy to navigate infographic that takes into account the perspectives of key ecosystem actors, the gaps that continue to persist in the labour market, and finally the potential solutions that could transform the landscape for the workforce, and allow them the agency to choose their journey of employment vs. entrepreneurship.