Flows: Filling up the Base of the Pyramid – Business and Finance Solutions to Scale up Water Access for India’s poor

The Dutch development finance company FMO, the Indian development finance
consultancy Intellecap and the Indo-Dutch social investment firm Goodwell announce the
launch of a joint program to build scaleable business and finance solutions to meet the
huge unmet water and sanitation needs of low income households, farmers and
communities in India. Suitable finance and business solutions are often identified as
missing inputs in creating large scale access to safe drinking water and sanitation,
irrigation and water management. In the next 2-3 years, the Flows program will select
proven water solutions and develop and implement demand-driven, financially sustainable,
replicable and scalable businesses around these solutions. The Flows program will draw
upon global best practices and leverage strategic partnerships across supply chains in the
water, sanitation and finance sectors.