Convene. Connect. Catalyze. | Insights from the Sankalp Africa Summit 2019

The Sankalp Africa Summit has grown to be the largest convening of ts type in the region. The 2019 edition drew 1,000+ people of 40 ationalities from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. takeholders are incredibly diverse, representing entrepreneurs, nvestors, philanthropists, academic institutions, entrepreneur support rganizations, and DFIs – furthermore, they represent every impact ector.

Having hosted 20 Sankalps globally, the organizers wanted to gather ore insights on the attendees of Sankalp, why they attend, and what hey are looking for. Much research has been done on the impact nvesting space in East Africa, however, we have access to one of the ost exhaustive data sets in existence – the Sankalp Forum attendees hemselves. In order to achieve this, we partnered ith investorflow.orgwho has collected similar data from the investors on their platform and ho was instrumental in collecting and analyzing the data we collected.

We have assembled this report to share some of these insights with the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem. We hope you find it helpful!