Making Health & WaSH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) Systems ACCESSIBLE AND AFFORDABLE FOR ALL

Emerging economies face a double burden of non-communicable & infectious diseases, & difficulty in accessing quality affordable healthcare. We host conversations to reduce health vulnerabilities for under-resourced communities at a systemic level so as to facilitate the efficient uptake of health services.

We also promote critical discourse in-order to build an action oriented roadmap for catalyzing private sector led delivery models to address the challenges in access to drinking water and safe sanitation.

Our Areas of Intervention


  • Public – Private Partnerships

    Facilitate and design long term strategic programs and partnerships between the public and private Healthcare & WaSH service providers

  • Discover and scale innovations

    Increase efficiency through technology integration, business innovations, enterprise development, behaviour change communication and data backed insights

  • Financing

    Improve access to finance for enterprises by designing and channeling innovative capital structures

  • Capital Sourcing

    Raising equity, debt, grant and facilitating M&As



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