Who, What, Where & How? | Analyzing the Attendees of Sankalp Africa Summit 2019


The attendees of the 2019 Sankalp Africa Summit were asked to fill out an optional profile to help us better nderstand their interests. 290 of the 1,200 attendees provided this information.

Data Accuracy
All the information provided is self-reported. Neither Intellecap nor investorflow.org have attempted to verify any of the information.

The attendees of the Africa Summit are not representative of global social entrepreneurs or global impact investors nor representative of all of Africa or likely all of East Africa. 290 responses is sufficient to provide guidance on the reported values, but insufficient to know the certainty of any of the market as a whole.

Some of the analysis is compared to the latest global report by investorflow.org. That report is based on 440 impact investors which span individuals, families, funds, foundations, and others. The “440” report is the fourth in the series and while that dataset may be biased toward American investors, the values reported in each subsequent report are trending toward fixed values.