Our Clients

The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission is to promote the well-being of people throughout the world. Founded in 1913, the Foundation envisions a world with Smart Globalization – a world in which globalization’s benefits are more widely shared and social, economic, health, and environmental challenges are more easily weathered. 

In 2008, the Rockefeller Foundation was one of the first to extend seed funding for the Sankalp Forum (an Intellecap Initiative), which today has a significant presence in the impact investing and social enterprise ecosystem in Asia. 
Since this early collaboration in 2008, Intellecap has worked with the Foundation on a range of consulting projects including evaluating the role of private sector in building resilience to vulnerabilities posed by climate change amongst urban poor in Asia and exploring innovative business models that improve mobility of urban poor in Asia and Africa. In addition, as part of the Foundation’s global ‘Searchlight’ network, Intellecap conducts horizon scanning and forward looking analysis that spots development trends, early signals, ideas and clues on how the world is evolving. 
Intellecap is also a Founding Member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), a Foundation supported initiative.