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Competing for Finite Resources - Water Matters!

Business World Disrupt

22nd March 2017 is World Water Day now that within the Sustainable Development Goal Framework, the commitment to "ensure access to water and sanitation for all" (SDG 6) is a priority, as the availability of water and sanitation for all citizens is a matter of dignity, health and development. It is not only a global agenda but also a national and state emergency.

On this occasion, we at Intellecap authored an article around the topic in collaboration with Business World Disrupt.

The article titled “Competing for Finite Resources - Water Matters” has been written by Chandana Kiran from Intellecap Innovation Labs. It shares a perspective on how several technology innovations like atmospheric water generators, desalination etc. holds promise to mitigate the water scarcity in future.

As you know, Intellecap is also enabling a series of articles with Business World Disrupt around India in 2050. The partnership which started as a four article series, bi-monthly, will now be a full year article series, thereby giving us more opportunity to showcase our knowledge and expertise. So far we have covered the Future of Food, Health and Work. The fourth article is the “Future of Cities” co-authored by Nisha Dutt and Dipika Prasad, which will be released next week.

Publication date: 
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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