Our Clients

Department for International Development (DFID)

DFID leads the UK government’s fight against world poverty. In India, DFID has a special focus on the eight Low Income States in the northern part of the country. In 2012, DFID launched the Poorest States Inclusive Growth Programme (PSIG) that aims to improve income and reduce vulnerability of poor people and small producers in the Low Income States, by expanding their access to finance and markets.

In addition, DFID also created a USD 35 million impact investing fund focused on the region. In 2012, DFID partnered with GIZ and Intellecap’s Sankalp Forum to launch the Sankalp Forum-Samridhi Social Enterprise Recognition to showcase sustainable and scalable social enterprises in the region and to create an enabling and inclusive ecosystem.

Intellecap also serves as the Country Manager for DFID’s Business Innovation Facility. This Facility supports private sector companies as they develop and implement inclusive businesses that expand opportunities at the BOP. As the Country Manager, Intellecap provides advice and technical assistance and conducts stakeholder workshops and research on inclusive business and related topics.

“I was also impressed by you and your team’s skills, expertise and connections.  I have been telling the Facility international team in London what a great selection Intellecap is for Country Manager for the Facility in India.” — DFID