Senior Manager, Business Consulting & Research

“I have flexibility to work from home while continuing to play a strategic leadership role in the Research Practice Area. This allows me to balance my personal commitments to my daughters, as well as pursue a rewarding career.”

My Work

I joined Intellecap after a break from a full-time career, which I had taken to look after my children when they were young. I joined in a freelance research role, and both the organization and my manager were very supportive in considering my work for its quality rather than my ability to work from an office during fixed hours. This encouragement drove me to take on further responsibilities, and today I am part of the core management team of our Research Practice Area. I believe opportunities of this kind are rare.

The work that I do is very diverse, and monotony, which is often a risk with research roles, has never set in. My work has ranged from case studies on growing businesses, to spotting trends that can inform how our global future planet is evolving.

My Impact

I enjoy creating visibility for business-led innovation that is happening in countries and communities which need it the most. The entrepreneurs I work with not often look to my team for advice and ideas as we write about them. This is both humbling and challenging at the same time.

Beyond professional progress, I get personal satisfaction from knowing that my work gets a wider audience thinking about social enterprise. Our reports start conversations, and get people more engaged in a new model of capitalism. It is always inspiring to hear and drive these discussions towards actionable agendas.

My Future

I have grown with every opportunity that has come my way here, and I see this upward spiral continuing. I look forward to continue to support the Research Practice Area with its growth.

Globally, the social enterprise space is at an inflection point, and there is a great need to understand "what works" and find ways to turn into action blueprints at the local level. I am energized by the role that our research and thinking can play in this context.