Senior Associate, Business Consulting & Research

“I have been mentored by several of our senior leaders including Directors and the Chairman. This has fast tracked my growth. Intellecap's platform for nurturing talent is unique - none of my peers outside of the company have had similar experiences. ”

My Work

As part of the newly formed Corporate Development team at Intellecap, I focus on business development, partnership management and brand building. I take part in identifying and forging new relationships and business opportunities for the firm across the world, with a special focus on the Global South. I work very closely with all our Practice Areas and Initiatives, and in doing so, need to keep track of the big picture; and yet be able to pay attention to the smallest of details

I am currently exploring ways to deepen Intellecap's support towards the growth and investment readiness of social enterprises in the Global South. Some of these are testing the use of online formats. I have a background in technology and leadership development, and the project is exciting because it aims to create impact at the intersection of social enterprise, technology, and learning environments.

My time at Intellecap has been both intellectually and emotionally stimulating - never an easy combination to find in a career.

My Impact

My role is very intrapreneurial in nature, and I have been fortunate to have several senior leaders at Intellecap invest significant time in mentoring me. This support complemented by the important responsibilities I've been given early on in my career makes every day new and exciting. Intellecap is refreshingly free of bureaucratic hierarchies, and anyone with a great idea can find all the support they need to implement it.

As a result, I have a platform to use the best of my skills to do work that has a "multiplier effect" on social impact not just in India, but across the world.

My Future

I have grown as a professional, particularly in the areas of project management, organization building and business development. I have built important professional and personal networks that have helped me understand how the social enterprise space is evolving. I plan to do a Master's degree in a few years and my experiences are setting me up to make the most of it. With the diversity of Practice Areas, Initiatives, and Incubations at Intellecap, there is a good chance I will find ways to achieve my long term goals and objectives within the firm.